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The Resurrection of Angela eBooks are now available in 6 languages in multiple eBook stores.

Updated: Mar 14

Europe: I have updated the content of The Second Coming of Angela for Europe, primarily editing corrections, and have changed the title to...The Resurrection of Angela. Here are hyperlinks to the eBook sites where they are available. Each link goes to the indicated language copy...clicking on the cover pic on some store sites shows the covers for other languages available. English Spanish French Italian German Portuguese

They are available on Apple, Rakuten Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, Tolino, Vivlio, and soon on Baker and Taylor and Borrow Box. Not all books are on each site...depending on the language.

For Amazon loyalists, and North and South American buyers, The Second Coming of Angela is on Amazon in 6 languages in paperback and eBook (eBook on, unfortunately, eBooks are unavailable on .ca). The sequel, The Resurrection of Carlo, will be up in paperback and eBook on Amazon by the summer of 2023. A third sequel is also floating around in my head, but it will take some time.

Three Odd Tales is available as an eBook on Canadian buyers need to use because eBooks are not available on ca

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