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Just how wild a ride is The Second Coming of Angela?

In the words of the protagonist, Thomas DeAngelo, this wild.

"Less than two weeks ago, I was just a working guy, taking care of my kids, doing my job, and going home tired every night. Since then, I’ve discovered that someone I thought was dead for five years had actually been kidnapped. Then I found a woman whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve been back and forth to Brazil twice, stolen a dead man’s identity, ripped a criminal off for a quarter of a million, involved Canada Customs in a scam, been held prisoner, escaped, been on the run throughout Brazil one step ahead of a man who wants me dead, and gotten myself on the hit list for two other criminal elements. Add to that the fact that you and I were in the same room when a man, in the act of strangling me, was shot about seven times. Then I ripped off Carlo’s bank account for a million dollars. And as for tomorrow? Well, tomorrow, I could have the blood of a lot of people on my hands. Or I could die. I would call that just a little bit of a change in lifestyle in such a short span of time.

and in Canada

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